India Ink offers more than just a practical table cover for preventing potential damage and scratches. Our tablecloths are an ornamental element that quickly adds style and colour to any space. There’s a wide variety of tablecloths online these days, but if you want something unique, you can’t go wrong with India Ink’s designs that are one of the most popular in South Africa.


Cotton tablecloths

Cotton is an excellent fabric for tablecloths because it can withstand daily use while being easy to clean. Cotton tablecloths add casual comfort to table settings. High-quality ones are machine washable and easy to maintain. When spills occur, you can spot-clean them immediately with a damp rug or cloth. The fabric can also be used outdoors, but make sure to avoid direct sun exposure, moisture, and extreme weather that can deteriorate colour and cause mould formation.


Hand-printed tablecloths

Traditionally made tablecloths online are popular in South Africa as they represent proven manufacturing techniques, the crafter’s culture, and unique skills. Some of the best designs are printed on 100 per cent cotton fabric and feature repeating traditional patterns, contemporary motifs, and nature-inspired themes.


Colourful and patterned tablecloths

Tablecloths that feature colourful floral designs never go out of style. They make perfect statement pieces and are versatile for formal and casual dining.


Screen-printed tablecloths

Producing complex patterns by hand can take time and increase the cost of the product. Some manufacturers can still deliver aesthetically pleasing, timeless, and elegant designs by screen-printing one-of-a-kind designs on 100 per cent cotton fabric. Some of these tablecloths online are meticulously crafted by laying out sixteen different-coloured screens to create intricate design patterns.


Throw tablecloths

Throw-style tablecloths come in different shapes and can easily be thrown on a table that matches their geometry. Their flowy texture adds an elegant touch to your table setting. India Ink are where you will find some of the best tablecloths online, especially with us that carefully pick exquisite textiles for any home.

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