When decorating your house have you thought about how to play up to your home's strengths, how to hide its flaws to make it look more appealing to just about everyone? Today India ink will be showing you with 5 simple home decor tips. 

1) 1st Impressions Matter 

Im sure we've all heard the saying "first impression is the last impression" well this is true. The first impression of your home will be how your house will be perceived by others. thus it is important to get it right. Today we'll be starting with the front door. Opting for a well chosen rug that has the perfect dimensions for your door way is a simple and cheap way to give a cozy more welcoming feel to your home. If you're a bit more out there, painting your door is also an option, many people are now opting for more bright colourful doors such as a red door, red in many cultures is a colour of luck. 

2) The Perfect Lighting 

The rule of 3 should be applied to every room in your house, ambient, task and accent. Ambient will be the main source of light which will be used to provide the overall illumination of the room. Task is more practical and used for more specific task like over the kitchen hob and lastly accent which is more decorative to highlight pieces in the house eg Artwork. 

3) Home Decor Online South Africa

The rising e-commerce scene means That searches like "Home decor online South Africa" are occurring more and more"thus more and more stores are moving to online platforms to fulfil these demands. This means that you should be able to shop a lot of your home decor online in South Africa. making finding the perfect pieces for your house a lot easer, and more efficient. 

4) Illusions 

Did you know that you can make your room feel a lot less claustrophobic and tight by simply painting the ceilings white or by hanging curtains higher than the windows. These methods all work on tricking your perception into thinking the room is taller and more spacious than it actually is. 

5) Mirror Mirror On The Wall 

Mirrors make a space feel more bright and vibrant, as they bounce light around the room. However one needs to be careful abut the placement of mirrors as a misplaced mirror is worth less than not having a mirror. A tip is to place the mirror perpendicular to a Window and not opposite. This is because if placed opposite the light will actually just bounce straight out the window, and will therefore not have the effects of brightening up your room.

Make the most of your homes first impression by following these tips, you can learn more or get straight to shopping for home decor online South Africa by visiting our page by clicking here

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