Discover the Charm of Cloth: India Ink's Napkin Collection


Elegant Dining with a Conscience

At India Ink Home Decor, we're redefining the art of the dining experience in Cape Town with our handcrafted Indian linen napkin collection. We believe that a meal isn't just about the food—it's about the atmosphere, the company, and the details that turn a simple supper into a splendid occasion. Our cloth napkins are not just accessories; they are the subtle centrepieces that complement every meal with grace and a touch of sophistication.


Why Choose Cloth Over Paper?

  1. Durability Meets Design: Tired of paper napkins that give up on you after a single use? Our linen napkins are designed to endure, supporting you through the heartiest of meals without a hint of wear. Unlike their paper counterparts, our napkins stand the test of time—and spills.

  2. Sustainability is Our Style: The beauty of cloth napkins extends beyond their appearance. By choosing linen over paper, you're taking a stand against waste, embracing a lifestyle that values reusability. For gatherings large or small, our napkins are an eco-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on elegance.

  3. A Touch of Decor: A well-dressed table is incomplete without the finesse of a neatly folded napkin. India Ink's collection adds a flourish of style that paper could never match. With a variety of folds to explore, each napkin is a conversation starter, inviting compliments as easily as it does diners.

  4. Beyond the Table: Our napkins are more than dining accessories; they're multi-functional marvels. Use them to line bread baskets, wrap warm rolls, or even as chic placeholders. The possibilities with our versatile napkins are endless.

Value That Lasts

  1. Affordable Luxury: Elevating your table setting doesn't have to be costly. Our napkins offer a touch of luxury at a price that makes elegance accessible. And with their long-lasting material, they're not just a purchase but an investment in countless memorable meals to come.

  2. Low Maintenance, High Reward: Contrary to common belief, cloth napkins don't demand constant care. A gentle use here, a quick spot-cleaning there, and they're ready to grace your table again. With minimal upkeep, our napkins remain pristine and ready for your next dinner party or casual meal.


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Are you ready to transform your dining experiences with India Ink's exquisite napkin collection? It's time to bid farewell to the disposable and embrace the timeless. Discover the full range and take the first step towards a more beautiful, sustainable table setting today.