Is your bedroom or living room looking a bit plain? You can add more character and style to any space with printed cushions. But don’t choose the common designs that are available anywhere and everywhere. Treat yourself to something superior in design, aesthetics, manufacturing method, and quality. You can’t go wrong with embroidered cushions with contemporary Indian designs and patterns. Shop Patterned Cushions at India Ink Online South Africa.


Indian patterned cushions are popular for their aesthetically pleasing and bold prints and one-of-a-kind designs that add interest to your space. They are versatile for any interior design, especially Boho, vintage, and traditional ones. As you browse various options, you can find various embroidery styles that make every printed cushion special. Here are some of the well-known embroideries:



Kashida is Kashmiri embroidery inspired by the valley’s beautiful surroundings. It is famous for its technique that brings out colour, texture, and design. The most common themes are birds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, foliage, and insects, and the embroidery is done on printed cushions like cotton, silk wool, wool, or Cotswold.


Chamba Rumal

Chamba Rumal is an exceptional embroidery practice depicting fine and flawless needle miniatures, featuring wonderfully distinct designs in terms of artistry, stitches, motifs, colours, and appearance. Cushions with this embroidery often have bold and vibrant colours and are embroidered using silk thread, which provides a unique effect against the light cotton fabric.



In Karnataka state, Kasuti is the traditional folk embroidery and an art form by women. The embroidery symbolises the customs, traditions, and professions of the locals. Kasuti is derived from ‘Kai’ (hand) and ‘Suti’ (cotton thread). So, printed cushions are embroidered manually with cotton threads.


Cutwork embroidery

Printed cushions with cutwork embroidery feature various forms, with Richelieu, broderie, and renaissance among the most popular. The embroidery technique involves cutting out specific areas of the fabric along satin stitch outlines or buttonhole stitches.


Discover more embroidered designs by exploring the selection of high-quality Indian patterned cushions at India Ink Online South Africa. Consider buying from a merchant that carefully curates exquisite textiles from Jaipur, Bombay, and Delhi.

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