A rug in a room is like an accessory to an outfit, it takes something ordinary and adds little accents that elevate its look. A room is not complete until it has some sort of rug in it. Rugs and carpets are real game changers, they are available in an endless variety of textures and sizes to meet the different requirements of various spaces and places. Today we will be looking at all the things that make a rug so special. 



Rugs and carpets are the best floor coverings you can use in your home. The softness of the rug can take pressure off of your feet. This comes with immense health benefits over time as they take the stress off your bones and ligaments leading to better posture and energy. A rug also helps with the temperature regulations in a house, as they are heat insulators, keeping your home nice and cosy during the winter seasons. 


Grounding Your Space 

A rug can help create a cosy and comfortable space by grounding and bringing together the furniture pieces around it. This is because a rug is a point of visual focus. Without the rug, a room could feel messy and cluttered as the furniture is just floating around on its own. 


Quieter space 

Due to rugs being a softer material, they can muffle the sounds of people walking up and down. When we walk around in shoes, especially harder shoes, there is often a tapping sound that could disturb the people in your house or living on lower floors. A rug might come in handy if you have kids who like running around. 


Make A Statement 

Rugs and carpets in South Africa especially can be used to make statements. They can be seen as a form of art. You can use them to express cultural heritage and what makes you feel most comfortable. South Africa is such a diverse country with so many different cultures, It is important we display it. Using rugs as statement pieces is a great way to add a little meaning and heritage to your rooms. 

If you are moving into a new home, or just redecorating your present space, rugs and carpets are something that you should consider for your space. Take a look at our range of beautiful rugs and carpets

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