Scatter cushions are small, decorative pillows. They're meant to be smaller, so you can have several of them on your sofa for added comfort and colour. They are statement-making elements that really pack a punch without taking up the space that plants or other decorations would. They are crucial pieces in every home. Here are four ideas from India Ink for decorating your home with scatter cushions in South Africa.


1. Determine your colour palette.

Before you can choose the perfect scatter cushions, you have to decide on a colour family. Scan the room you intend to decorate and find two to three dominant hues—usually the colours of any artwork in the space, existing accessories, and soft furnishings like curtains or rugs. This will become your palette. 


2.Decide on a number.

If you want a more traditional look, choose an even number of scatter cushions. A great way to do this is to select two solid square colours that match and place them in each corner of your sofa. Then, add two smaller patterned cushions in front of the other two.

If your room has more of a modern or eclectic style, then opt for an odd number of scatter cushions. For example, five completely different scatter cushions would look great on a three-seater sofa as long as you stick to your chosen colour palette.


3. Create a cohesive but varied look by mixing and matching the size and shape of your cushions.

Mixing and matching different sizes and shapes of scatter cushions in South Africa can actually create a more exciting display.

Try the 2-1-2 arrangement. Choose two large solid-coloured scatter cushions that match the different tones in your room. Then, select some slightly smaller ones with fun patterns but similar colour schemes to place in front of them. Finally, add a small rectangular cushion in the middle of your arrangement with similar fabric tones to your two solids.


4. Don’t be afraid of different textures.

Decorating with cushions doesn't have to be difficult, and one simple way to add depth and dimension to your arrangement is by playing with texture. Using different fabrics and materials will create an interesting effect that will highlight the uniqueness of each cushion. So go ahead and play with texture as you shop for scatter cushions in South Africa.

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