If you want to add colour and character to your wardrobe, it’s time to shop online for Indian clothes in South Africa. But which pieces should you look out for while shopping? Keep reading for some ideas.

The trendiest Indian clothes in South Africa

  • Indian tunics

Indian tunics may have been around for thousands of years, but not even centuries of fashion changes can stop them from being perpetually trendy. These Indian clothes have evolved over the years, and now, they are used for both casual day-to-day wear and formal occasions.

Traditionally, Indian tunics or kurtas are made of rich and soft silk. This fabric makes them super comfortable to wear, perfect for any season. But that’s not all—Indian kurtas are also very stylish, featuring various designs, colours, and hand-embroidery techniques.

  • Indian kimonos

Kimonos originated from Japan and used to be worn by aristocrats who wanted to boast their wealth. Nowadays, however, kimonos can be found everywhere—even Indian fashion has adopted this style of clothing as a chic and light way to cover up.

Indian kimonos are comfy and breathable, making them ideal for any season. For instance, you can wear one during the summer as a lightweight cover-up just in case you get too cold in your shorts.

Thicker kimonos can also be worn as a jacket and paired with jeans to give your outfit a classier, more polished look.

  • Indian pyjama sets

Who says you can only be fashionable outdoors? Nothing feels better than donning a comfy pair of cotton pyjamas during the night, making sure that you sleep softly and soundly. Indian pyjamas aren’t just soft and smooth but are also very trendy, featuring gorgeous patterns and colours.

Shop for Indian clothes in South Africa from a speciality boutique that specialises in curating stylish handmade garments.

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