Do you want to add more charm and personality to your home? You can never go wrong with a suzani. This decorative textile is not only beautiful to look at but also crafted with care, made only by hand and depicting ancient, meaningful concepts.

What makes suzanis so special is that they’re filled with colours and are incredibly detailed. In addition, these textiles are known for having motifs that symbolise fertility, health, and luck.

Here are some of the most common design motifs for suzani textiles:

  • Bukhara

Bukhara suzani features vines with lattices of intricate red flowers. These textiles may also contain serrated leaves.

  • Fergana

Fergana suzanis portray very specific floral patterns, depending on the artist. Overall, suzani motifs are believed to infuse the fabric with spiritual powers that protect and strengthen the owner.

  • Pushkent

Pushkent suzanis are embroidered with star medallions. Moreover, these medallions are often made with crimson fabric.

  • Nurata

Flowers are heavily used in suzanis, and the nurata suzani is no different. This popular motif in suzani textiles shows off natural flowers, which may depict the Garden of Eden.

  • Ura-tepe

Sticking to the floral theme, ura-tepe suzanis feature millefiori with leaves. Moreover, you may see star-type medallions in ura-tepe suzanis, similar to pushkent suzanis.

  • Shakhrisabz

Another floral suzani, the shakhrisabz motif, fills the textile with flowers and vegetables, all in vibrant colours. This may symbolise the abundance of the Garden of Eden and is used to bring fertility and prosperity to the home.

  • Tashkent

Last but not least, the Tashkent motif is known for rows and rows of medallions. Additionally, Tashkent suzanis may have serrated borders to add more texture.


Which type of suzani will blend into your home perfectly? Consider shopping for suzani hand-embroidered cushions and other home décor products from a trusted store online!

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