This is what I do. I travel to India to find treasure. I go down narrow alleyways and winding backstreets, through the clutter and the hooting and the fumes into bustling markets and hole-in-the-wall shops piled high with fabrics and blankets and tablecloths and trinkets, dusty and gleaming and gorgeous. It’s hot and it’s tiring but I look and I touch and I haggle and I bargain and then I bring it all back and put it out for you to come and take your pick.


I love beautiful things. Jewels and fabrics and flowers. Paintings that cost thousands and knick-knacks picked up for a penny.  I love the coolness of glass, the roughness of chiseled stone, the smell of old leather.  I love shape and form and structure. I love setting things in their own space or mixing them with a dozen others.  Every beautiful thing has a story, and my passion is telling it.