Quilts add warmth and interest to any room. With their versatility, they can serve as blankets, throws, and bed coverings. Quilts in South Africa make popular home décor and gifts, especially with their one-of-a-kind designs featuring bright colours, patterns, and motifs that may tell a story. Many different types are available today, with Indian-inspired variants gaining more popularity with modern consumers and homeowners.

A brief look at quilting in South Africa

Quilts never really became popular as folk art in South Africa, unlike in the US, where it was widespread in the middle to the late nineteenth century. However, there is evidence that quilts were considered an art form in rural areas where women had to be frugal and resourceful with every bit of fabric they possessed. These women were proud of what they could make using recycled thread from old clothes, one needle, and used pieces of cloth. Housewives were able to craft beautiful handmade quilts for beds and cots.


Quilts vary in size as much as they do in colour. Many designs come in sizes like single and double to fit most beds and other applications, such as couches and wall hangings. The best quilts in South Africa are made of 100 per cent cotton for unmatched comfort and softness, bringing a warm and soothing feeling to the user. The fabrics are hand-printed and hand-stitched as per tradition.

Some of the most popular quilts are reversible, making them versatile as decorations for the home. The two sides have different designs, so you can easily change looks as you please.

Available colours and patterns

Quilts come in different hues and patterns, so you can easily find something that suits your aesthetics. Traditional ones feature off-white or plain white fabric as the focal point of the design, with hand-embroidered embellishments. You can also find patchwork with heavy embroidery and patterns of different blocks inspired by nature.

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