It can be challenging to pick the perfect rug and carpet that complements your room. You want to ensure that these decorative features can enhance the look and feel of your space without looking out of place or detracting from your theme. We understand this, so we prepared some tips to help you choose rugs and carpets in South Africa for any area of your home.

But first, allow us to differentiate carpets from rugs so that you can make the right choice. Both options can be made of natural or synthetic fibres and can feature patterns or solid colours. They also come in various styles, allowing you to find something to suit every room’s aesthetics. The difference is their function.

Rugs are floor coverings that usually cover only an aspect of a bare or uncarpeted floor. Meanwhile, carpets often stretch from wall to wall and are fixed to the floor. So if you want a moveable option you can easily switch up or use in another room, a rug may be right for you.

How do you choose rugs and carpets?

1. Consider your space.

Always start by measuring the space where you want to place them. Don’t forget to consider the furniture and other decorative features.

2. Choose a rug or carpet that complements the room’s style and décor.

Pick rugs and carpets in South Africa that go well with the overall theme and décor of the room. For instance, natural materials like jute and sisal convey a casual and carefree style, while shag, kilim, or dhurrie rugs have a more bohemian look and feel. Farmhouse, geometric, or mid-century styles complement modern interiors, and traditional Oriental, Moroccan, Persian, or Indian rugs create an eclectic theme.

3. Mind the material.

Natural fibre rugs and carpets in South Africa tend to be pricier than options made with synthetic fibres. However, they last longer and are more durable. If you have pets or kids, you may want to invest in a high-quality and easy-to-clean synthetic rug or carpet.

Moreover, consider the material’s suitability for the location. For instance, kitchen rugs must be stain-resistant, and outdoor rugs must be weatherproof and capable of capturing dirt.

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