Choosing the correct tablecloth size can be a daunting task, especially for those with little experience in interior design. Navigating the different sizes and materials can seem overwhelming, especially when shopping for tablecloths online. Here's a brief guide on how to select the right tablecloth size for your table.

Round tables tend to be simpler to dress than rectangular ones, with no corners hanging off the edge. As a general rule, you'll need your tablecloth to be at least 12 inches wider than your table on all sides. This will allow enough fabric to drape over the edges and prevent it from ending up in your guests' laps. For more formal gatherings, choose a longer tablecloth that reaches all the way down to the floor. For more casual dinners, a tablecloth that stops just above the knee is usually sufficient.

Round tables

To work out the size of your tablecloth, multiply the desired drop length by 2 and then add the diameter of your table. For example, if you have a 60-inch table and want a 15-inch drop (down to halfway to the floor), multiply 15 by 2 (15x2=30) and then add the diameter of your table (30+60=90). For that, you'll require a 90-inch round tablecloth.

Rectangular tables

To work out what size tablecloth you require, multiply the desired drop length by 2 and then add the width and length of your table. If you want a non-uniform drop, you will have to calculate these values separately. For example, with an 8-foot rectangular table (30 inches by 96 inches) and an 11-12 inch drop across the long side, you would multiply 11 by 2 (11x2=22), then add up the width and length of your table separately (30+22=52 and 96+24=120), giving you a 52x120 rectangular tablecloth for an even 11-12 inch drop.

Now that you know what tablecloth size you need, it's time to pick the fabric. India Ink's tablecloths online selection includes a wide range of tablecloths that offers a variety of colourful, vibrant, and exciting tablecloths designs and patterns. Browse our collection of quality tablecloths online today to find the perfect tablecloth that suits your table. Happy shopping!

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