The South African Indian community is an invaluable pillar of the nation's cultural variety, contributing significantly to various aspects such as their unique cuisine, cultural practices, religion and sacred traditions, political activism, and sporting achievements. However, one of the most enduring symbols of South African Indian identity is their traditional clothing. And you don’t have to be of South Asian descent to wear Indian clothes in South Africa. These beautiful garments fit and flatter everyone, making them very popular.

Indian tunics

More popularly known as kurtas, these loose-fitting tunics are an essential part of the Indian wardrobe. Historians believe the kurta can be traced back to its Central Asian roots through Muslim conquests during the Mughal period. During the 19th century, however, it was renowned philosophers, scholars, and artists who inspired the fashion of plain cotton kurtas. Over time, these tunics gained popularity within the South African Indian community, so they have become widely available.

Pyjama sets

The term pajama has its roots in Hindi, which translates to pai jama, or more literally, garment for the legs. This garment dates all the way back to the days of the 13th-century Ottoman Empire. Pajamas are essentially loose pants with drawstring cords on the waist, donned by both men and women throughout South Asia countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, and India. Indian pajamas are some of the most luxurious Indian clothes you can buy in South Africa. They are handprinted using carved wood blocks and use high-quality Indian cotton to achieve a crisp finish, making you feel like royalty.

Indian clothing has indeed become a mainstream part of South African fashion culture, with many people wearing traditional Indian garments on a daily basis. From kurtas to pajamas and sarees, these beautiful clothes represent centuries of cultural pride and heritage.

If you're looking for Indian clothes in South Africa, choose a store that offers the highest-quality handmade garments and accessories from India. Some of the best retailers also sell Indian home décor. 

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