Does your couch, sofa, or even your office chair feel a bit plain or boring? Adding a throw is all it takes to improve its look and feel. Throws in South Africa are popular decorative elements for their versatility in adding a touch of comfort and style to lived-in areas of the home.

But throws are not solely for decoration. They also serve a practical purpose by providing immediate warmth, especially during chilly days. The challenge lies in choosing the right size. If the throw is too small, it might not offer the warmth and comfort you seek. Conversely, a throw that's too large may overwhelm your furniture, making it appear cluttered and less welcoming.

Wondering how to choose the perfect throw? This guide will help you navigate the various options, simplifying the selection process among the most popular sizes and types. Whether you're looking for something purely decorative or a cosy accessory for colder evenings, understanding the sizes and functions will ensure you find the perfect throw for your home.

But first, what is a throw blanket?

If you’re new to throws in South Africa, you might be wondering what makes it unique from traditional blankets.

Throws offer a unique versatility as they can be used both for warmth and as a fashionable accent on furniture. Unlike regular bed blankets, throws are typically found in family or living rooms. Their size is also different, as they are generally smaller and not designed to match the dimensions of mattresses. This makes them a more flexible option, suitable for draping over various pieces of furniture to add both comfort and style.

Even during the warm season, a colourful throw can provide a touch of texture or a pop of colour to the living area. Drape it elegantly over the couch or fold it neatly on an ottoman or divan for a homey look. Throws in South Africa can also help protect furniture, especially when you have pets. Allergens, dirt, and pet hair can go to the throw instead of the upholstery.

Popular types and sizes

Throws are designed for use when seated, and they typically come in sizes of 50 x 70 inches or 60 x 80 inches, sufficient to cover one or two people. However, the size can vary depending on the specific type of throw.

For example, vintage kanthas (which make beautiful throws) are handmade, so their sizes can vary. They are crafted from five to seven layers of discarded and old saris, and this unique construction can result in variations in their dimensions. Whether using them for warmth or as a decorative accent, understanding these size differences can help you choose the right throw for your needs.

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