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Size 38x46cm

Suzani hand embroidered cushions

'Suzani' means needlework, and over time has become synonymous with the glorious embroideries of Uzbekistan, and the arid deserts of Central Asia. 

Uzbek women and their daughters lovingly created these handcrafted dowry pieces for her wedding day.

Each motif is used to bring joy, fertility, long life, prosperity, good health and also to ward off all evil from the home.

They depict the ancient concepts of the Garden of Eden with it's Tree of Life and abundant fruits, the pomegranate featuring the most prominently.

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We will refund items if you bring them back or send them back within 10 days of purchase together with the original invoice. Please arrange with your own courier and return it to our address.

The handcrafted nature of Indian textiles may result in slight variations in colour and design, making them unique and authentic.


R 600.00